Dhawa.net is a Learning Planet project, brought together with the help of partner organisations and technical volunteers worldwide, through on-going official placements, and the provision of technical, strategic and commercial advisors.


Dhawa.net was established, maintained and grown with the generous support of individuals, in addition to the gift of some equipment from our partners. If you are interested and able to contribute to the continued provision of connectivity, this would enable the expansion plan to accelerate forward and provide access for considerably more people in rural areas.

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Technical Assistance

Dhawa.net is currently maintained by an Engineers Without Borders - UK volunteer who is working to transition this to the community. We would welcome the support of anyone who thinks they would be able to provide technical support to the volunteer or to those members of the community who will inherit the system. You can see our contact details on the contact page. 

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We are committed to spreading community communications throughout the world. If you would like to set up your own system, we would happily show you around Dhawa, and if you do decide to leave again, to provide technical and conceptual support to your project. Just connect to us and connect your community.

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